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One thing about this mix that I would like to point out is that although it is listed as Mixmag Live! Vol.21 mixed by LTJ Bukem on Mixcloud, it is  actually Mixmag Live! Vol.3 mixed by LTJ Bukem which was originally released in 1996. To say this mix has a certain amount of meaning for me would be an understatement. Although I had listened to drum & bass casually during my exposure to the rave scene in the early 90’s, it was this mix that actually got me hooked on drum bass. I remember picking this cd up when it was first released and I could not stop listening to it. Still as good today as it was 17 years ago. Absolute respect.

“The music is still very much alive. Years ago a lot of doubters said the music, the people, the soul of what we were all trying to create wouldn’t last a year… it’s all a matter of opinion” – LTJ Bukem

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