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If you stumbled onto this page, chances are you’re either feeling a little nostalgic or there’s an infestation of caterpillars eating your vegetation. If you answered yes to either one of those possibilities, then trust me… I know how you feel.

It’s been a while since this site has been online. To be honest there’s probably not a good reason for it to be, but here we are.

Killingcaterpillars was and always has been a quiescent corner on the web. It was one of the very few personal sites I’ve created where I took extreme pride and fulfillment in designing not just the site itself, but its associated content. That’s something I haven’t been able to do for myself for quite some time. I guess I’d like to explore that again.

If you were a fan of KC from back in the day, then it’s good to have you back. If you’re new, welcome.

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