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“Acensions End” is a mix Brock and I put together toward the tail end of 2001. This was just after September 11th and like many people, I remember being left so disillusioned after it happened. Everyday routines seemed trivial at that point and creativity took a back seat. A few weeks later, I approached Brock to ask if he’d be willing to collaborate with me. I feel the music in this mix definitely reflects the mood many of us were in and the difficulty we experienced trying to move on.

The mix is split up in two parts. The first set is mixed by me with Brock taking over at around 40 minutes. One thing I would like to address is the unfortunate lack of track ids. Around that time, music online was scattered everywhere. Many of the tracks that are on this mix, especially in Brock’s set, were not released on labels or even cataloged. This makes it nearly impossible to id them today. Regardless, it’s still a very special mix and I hope you enjoy it. – Aymat

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