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There has been a connection that I have had with drum & bass since my very first exposure to it as a teen in the early 90’s. As a kid growing up in the Caribbean, I was exposed to a plethora of music from cumbia, merengue, salsa and latin jazz. I’ve always felt my connection to jungle music has been directly related to the music I grew up with due in part to its similarities in style and syncopated rhythms.

Being a dj in the late 90’s was a special time for me. I was experiencing some of the very best drum & bass being released on a near weekly basis and it just seemed like the genre hit an apex of excellence during that time. Idyll is a set I put together in early 2000 mixing some of my favorite tracks released between 1995 and 2000. If you are a fan of atmospheric and soulful drum & bass, you wont be disappointed. – Aymat

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