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LTJ Bukem : Mixmag Live! Vol.3

One thing about this mix that I would like to point out is that although it is listed as Mixmag Live! Vol.21 mixed by LTJ Bukem on Mixcloud, it is  actually Mixmag Live! Vol.3 mixed by LTJ Bukem which was originally released in 1996. To say this mix has a certain amount of meaning [...]

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Bvdub : 2 hours and 20 years

This weekend we have another outstanding mix for you! 2 hours and 20 years has been put together by Brock Van Wey, releasing under bvdub, exclusively for Headphone Commute. It is indeed special, since this is Brock’s first mix made in 15 years with moments of elation. It was made on a 2-hour morning [...]

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Technicolour : Fabriclive x Bukem In Session Mix

LTJ Bukem’s music, as much as his ‘In Session’ stranglehold on Room Two on the last Friday of the month, has been well documented over the years. His FABRICLIVE 46 mix may have physically marked the relationship he has with us here, but what he still continues to do is push a more musical [...]

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Bvdub : Finally I Disappear From You

"Finally I Disappear From You" was a collaboration mix Brock and I worked on in 2005. It's a fairly eclectic collection of glitchy minimal IDM tracks released between 2001 and 2005. It still holds up well considering its over 8 years old and I think a good portion of that is due in part [...]

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Aymat : The Learning Curve

"The Learning Curve" is a downtempo mix I put together around 2002. The set itself is heavily programmed... I remember taking several weeks to pick out complimentary tracks that would eventually make the final cut. In the end, it was probably one of the best mixes I've ever put together comprised with some of [...]

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Aymat : Barotrauma

"Barotrauma" is a set of somewhat dark, moody, tech infused drum & bass I put together around the tail end of 2002. At the time I was listening to and heavily influenced by a lot of releases from 720 Recordings, Covert Operations and GLR. David Arnold's orchestration masterpiece for "Changing Lanes" was also on [...]

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Aymat vs Bvdub : Acensions End

"Acensions End" is a mix Brock and I put together toward the tail end of 2001. This was just after September 11th and like many people, I remember being left so disillusioned after it happened. Everyday routines seemed trivial at that point and creativity took a back seat. A few weeks later, I approached [...]

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Aymat : Blackboard

Although my exposure to roots dub began indirectly in the late 80s through ska and early jungle tracks, I didn't really begin to appreciate it to the extent that I do today until the late 90s. I remember between 1998 and 2001 there was a huge resurgence of roots dub reggae, and for crate [...]

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Aymat : Philophobia

"Philophobia" is an ambient mix I put together back in 2000. It is a collection of some of my favorite ambient tracks dating from the 1970's to 2000 and also includes "Burning Memories at Peñones", a track I made commemorating the day a childhood fire burned down the home my sister and I grew [...]

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Aymat : Idyll

There has been a connection that I have had with drum & bass since my very first exposure to it as a teen in the early 90's. As a kid growing up in the Caribbean, I was exposed to a plethora of music from cumbia, merengue, salsa and latin jazz. I've always felt my [...]

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